Remote Global Team Working

Building Successful Remote Teams:

Working as part of a global team is a fact of life for so many of us now. This brings huge opportunities for collaboration and growth, but also various challenges.  Some are obvious, such as language and time zone differences, but it’s often the intercultural dynamics within a global team that determine whether it will thrive.

Viacom are an international media giant, with offices around the globe. I worked with their staff based in Moscow and London to build an effective remote global team. By facilitating conversations between them I helped them build trust and increase their understanding of how to engage positively and effectively with each other.

This was achieved through workshops and one to one coaching sessions. Global team leaders developed their Intercultural Competence in order to be more effective in the virtual communications they have with staff they manage from other cultures.

“Really relevant to my team. Staff enjoyed that they created their own strategies guided by an enthusiastic and knowledgeable facilitator.”

Global Learning and Development Director, Viacom

Kathryn EadeUp+thrive