Start & Grow your Business

Setting up a successful small business can be a lonely experience. Every task falls to you to prioritise, action and deliver. Every decision rests with you to make.

Having a mentor or coach to discuss these challenges with on a regular basis provides an independent view point and helps to clarify where you should be investing your time, energy and money.

I have worked on a 1 to 1 basis with Karen Gee, founder of Cycle Sprog for over a year. We work together once a month over the phone, with occasional sessions face to face when time and logistics allow.

I have helped her navigate topics as diverse as:

Managing transition - from a corporate career to a more flexible portfolio career

Avoiding overwhelm – simple techniques to focus on the most important tasks

Valuing your time – how to say no to those who expect you to work for free

 Kathryn has supported me as I have developed my online business. She's helped me gain clarity on my goals, and provided tools and techniques to keep me on the correct path.  It's great speaking to someone who has been on the same journey and really understands what I'm going through.” Karen Gee, Director of Cycle Sprog

Kathryn Eade