Supporting Expat Partners

When my husband’s work provided us with the opportunity to relocate to Montreal for 3 years I experienced a period of profound change.  Leaving my career and support structures behind in the UK, I found myself in a French speaking Canadian city attempting to forge a new life for myself and my family.

I quickly discovered that whilst my husband had the support structure of his career and my children were settling into their new school, as an expat partner I was left to find my own way.

It was a time to practise what I preach and put into action most of the tools and techniques for thriving through change that I’ve build up over the years.

As I settled into expat life I realised there was a large community within Montreal who were struggling with exactly the same challenges, but didn’t have access to my toolkit.

I set up a blog called Kathryn Relocated to document my experiences and offer support and guidance to other expat partners. You can read my advice here

I ran a series of popular workshops with topics including:

· Navigating your success

· Boosting Your Sense of Self

· Returning Home - happy and well


 “I would highly recommend Kathryn to anybody who is relocating. It was great to listen to and talk to her. I felt that I could be really open and say what was on my mind. I had been doubting that I was making the right decision, but after the session I gained peace with my decision and felt so much better.” Jane Gunnarsdóttir, Expat from Iceland

“I really loved this workshop!  It made me confront some feelings that I wasn’t sure I should be having since returning from abroad. It laid out some great tools and strategies in order to plan and prepare for the emotional turmoil of not only leaving your new life, but returning to a changed version of your old life. My only criticism is that I wanted more!” Suzanne Bateman

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