Thrive outside your comfort zone

Stepping out of our comfort zone and into the unknown means embracing something or someone new. Without support, it can be stressful, frustrating and down right scary.

The aim of this session, delivered as part of the UKCISA 2019 conference was to provide anyone facing change, supporting others through transition or thinking it’s time for something different with a better understanding of what happens when we step outside of our comfort zone, how to get comfortable with those feelings of discomfort and explore some strategies to help us make the most of change.

“Really inspiring and motivating to take the leap and make a change”

“Thankyou for the model- I am in ‘the loop ‘of initiating change and resistance now, but will keep striving to thrive.”

The session starts by introducing participants to the Up+thrive Change Cycle which provides them with a better understanding of what happens when we step out of our comfort zone, and provides a hook on which to place their experience.

Using visual images participants explore how they feel about change, and then how they would feel and what they would be doing if they were thriving through change.

Working in small coaching groups, participants are guided through a series of coaching questions and encouraged to share their experiences of change and reflect on where they were now and where they want to be.

As a group we then create a set of strategies to embrace change, and finish with some time for individual reflection to consider what might be a first step for them.

“Informative and engaging. I’ve come away with realistic strategies to help me and my team move forward”

Frustrated that you’re not fulfilling your potential? Struggling to get your teams to engage with change? Fed up with death by Powerpoint at networking events?

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Kathryn EadeUp+thrive