Intercultural Champions Programme

With the Goverment’s ambitions to increase international student numbers by 30% to 600,000 each year and boost the economic impact of the industry to £35bn by 2030, the focus and key to achieving these figures is to create a welcoming environment for international students.

If you want to provide an exceptional student experience and attract the best students from across the globe, your students and staff need to be equipped to work in a diverse environment.

But, to train the whole cohort of staff to be culturally competent is of course time consuming and costly – so what is the solution?

“Thanks to Kathryn, we now have 32 trained Intercultural facilitators across the university and a really user-friendly toolkit that has enabled us to reach over 300 people.” Jenna Isherwood, Project Leader, University of Leeds

The Cost Effective Solution: Training of Trainers

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Identify your key staff; develop their confidence and competence in this area and empower them to train others boosting your internal capacity.

Grow your staff – enhance their potential

“Kathryn was excellent at helping us scope out our project and understanding our bigger picture so she could offer insightful ideas into how we could take it forward. My team really enjoyed working with her and we’re very pleased with the outcomes.” Katy Manns, Head of International Student Office, University of Leeds

Empower your staff to become the best champions for your institution

“I feel not only a lot more confident with my own facilitation skills but in thinking on my feet to adapt a session to the needs of different people.” Rachel Medley, Intercultural Champion

Take a more detailed look at how I delivered this programme at the University of Leeds

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