Are you in a rut? That’s not where you’ll find your dream.

In our lifetimes we experience so much. Studies, love, friendship, careers, motherhood - the list goes on. Despite the complexities of our lives – and sometimes because of them – we find times when we become stuck in a rut where we habitually repeat the same tasks.

It’s so easy for us to fall into the routines we create for ourselves and stay there. Our comfort zones can be responsible for stopping us reaching our full potential. So, just how can we step off the wheel, change our mindsets and move forwards?

When you are in a rut

Many of us get stuck in a rut at some time or another. Many of us are in that rut right now but don’t realise it. Have a look at the questions below, and if you are concerned that you are not answering them the way you want to don’t worry, I have techniques to help you escape and raise your head once again.

  • When someone asks you what day it is do you have to think about it?

  • Do days just seem to run into the next with nothing to differentiate them?

  • Do you just keep doing the same tasks over and over again?

  • Are you uninspired, even when a new project comes along?

  • Has your creativity dried up?

  • Do you feel like you want to try something new but can’t figure out what that something is?

  • Are you worried that making any changes will be uncomfortable?

Losing momentum

Last month was filled with more fun than work. It was one of those fragmented months that happen to us all, especially working mums over the school holidays.

My mum visited, the kids had time off school and I spent a whole week off-site working solely with one client. Time in the office was limited to the odd hour here and there.

When my time isn’t so fragmented I’m very disciplined. I’m committed to working hard and most of the time I’m incredibly focused. However, last month threw me out of my usual routine and put me in a space where I was enjoying being surrounded by my family – it was hard getting back to work – I’d lost my momentum.

Is anyone out there?

My interest in work and my excitement for it gets a boost when I’m busy; I’m certainly at my best and most motivated when I’m getting lots of enquiries and have lots of clients to work with and support.

But there are times when work feels like a slog. There are times when my phone goes quiet and my inbox is looking a little sparse. Oh, the curse of being a start-up!

Lift yourself out and up!

Let’s look at five simple ways to get out of that rut and get back your work mojo:

1. Reset your expectations:

Just think about what it is that is keeping you in the rut, it’s usually a lot to do with your comfort zone. But where is this getting you? To achieve your full potential you need to move away from your routine. This might seem scary, but it’s OK to take small steps – as long as they are moving you in the right direction. Moving away from the zone where you currently ‘ace’ everything may be a bumpy ride – now is not the time to be a perfectionist! Start now, perfect later! Be kind to yourself – you’ll get there – and when you do, it’ll be so worth it!

2. Plan ahead:

When you plan ahead do you visualise what success looks like? This is my favourite tip as it makes such a difference to our mindsets and is easy to do. Picture why you do what you do, what is it you are wanting to achieve? I love the saying: “If you’re going to think, think big, and if you’re going to think big, think bigger!” Be bold with your end vision – make it your dream and when you make it as vivid as possible and give it meaning this will spur you into action.

3. Set priorities and boundaries:

Make yourself accountable for your actions. Write down what you plan to do and stick to them. If you feel you may fail at this, share your actions with a friend or family member and ask them to badger you if you don’t meet the timescales. Remember that dream! But don’t get overwhelmed, set time aside for fun too and remember that getting outdoors is the best tonic for increasing creativity and productivity.

4. Enjoy the process:

Reconnect with yourself – remember what it is in life that sparks joy. Working towards your ‘dream’ and finding out what excites you will make you feel wonderful. No more feeling like the day is dragging!

5. Be persistent and consistent:

When we want to make changes to our mindset we need to do it persistently and consistently over time, otherwise the change we want to see just won’t happen. Take the bullet points above and make sure you turn them into your new habit. Take a look at Atomic Habits by James Clear. There’s some great ideas on how you can change your habits in there.

Change your mindset

These ruts can be pretty deep and the lifeline you need to get you out is a change in mindset. I’ve worked with many female entrepreneurs to become CEO’s of organisations and mums returning to work after enjoying their maternity leave. No matter what the circumstance was that got you in that rut in the first place we can work together to help you climb out with confidence and get you on that road to success.

Thoughts by Kathryn , Up+thrive Words by Amanda, Redwood Copy

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What puts you in a rut and how do you get out of it? Let me know in the comments below.

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