10 Tips for Successful Change


Is it time for a change?

As individuals we have to step outside our comfort zone to learn and grow. It’s good for our self esteem! In business we have to move with the times and embrace change in order to compete and remain profitable.

However, the first mention of doing something differently often sets the heart racing. Change can be uncomfortable, stressful and even scary, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

In recent months I have had the pleasure of working with Olga Fahey, expert in Change Management on projects to support local SMEs to deliver successful change. In this post, we share with you ….

Our tried and tested top 10 tips to navigate change, smoothly and successfully

  1. Adjust your thinking

    if change is the answer for the business, make sure you are prepared to move with it and that your mindset is ready for change. Recognising and accepting change is one of the first steps towards managing it

  2. Plan

    Make sure you are clear on why change is required, what the objective is and what it will mean for you and your business. Consider both people and processes, and how and when these will feature in the change timeline.

  3. Communicate

    A clear vision of what you want change to look like won't help much if you don't share it. We believe you can never over communicate. The more information you share with your staff the lower their levels of fear will be, and the less resistance you will encounter. Remember, however communication is a two-way process and you also need to listen.

  4. Keep your eye on the bigger picture

    Change in one area often has a knock-on effect to other areas of the business. If you prioritise one project, it is likely that some other project or process will suffer. Understand that you can’t do everything.

  5. Engage

    From the top down, everyone needs to be on board with the change plan. Identify the people who will be most affected by your proposed changes and make sure they embrace it. Identify ambassadors – people that share your vision, to help promote the changes.

  6. Confront the fears

    Change always promotes feelings of uncertainty, discomfort and fear. Do what you can to support your teams with their fears, listen and work together to alleviate them.

  7. Keep the language positive

    Try using motivational phrases such as “this is great news”, “exciting times ahead“,  “there will be new development opportunities”, “chances for new learnings, growth, leading to future sustainability”

  8. Be accessible

    Ensure the management team and the implementation team make time within the process to be available to their staff. Individuals will deal with change differently and may need differing levels of support.

  9. Seek support

    Don’t do it alone. Make sure you have someone to speak with, someone who is supporting you through the process.

  10. Celebrate

    Make sure each milestone is recognised and celebrated. It is easy to drift through the change plan and move on. Looking back and rewarding the successful changes will keep people on board for the next steps.

If you are looking to embrace change in 2019 and would like some support please get in touch to see how we can help you and your organisation unlock success and thrive.

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