Aspiring Leaders

Creating fearless female leaders with the mindset and resilience to thrive.

 Supporting YOU to empower, boost courage and the self esteem of your aspiring leaders

 Leaders who are thriving love what they do, have high energy and are driven by purpose and what they want to bring to the world. They are focused on win-win for everyone and work collaboratively with their teams to co-create solutions.

“I provide insights and tools to create a positive and inclusive company culture that helps nurture your female leaders and supports them, and you to grow.”

 What will you gain:

  • Company wide empowered female leaders that are self reliant, self confident and self aware.

  • Talent that feels invested in, nurtured and valued, remains with you and seeks opportunities to grow.

  • A strong gender balanced workforce that meets the needs of the future business, creating a win win for all

  • Demonstrate to all that you support female leaders and viewed as a pioneering work environment


Creating a Coaching Culture:

Ambassadors Programme

Working with you to develop your own in-house talent. Creating and working with a team of Ambassadors to establish a company culture that helps nurture your female leaders and supports them and you to grow.

I will:

Help you to identify and bring on board staff across the organisation through the establishment of ‘change circles’

Deliver ‘Coaching of Coaches’ training to include sessions on: understanding your own frame of reference, active listening skills, group dynamics, powerful questions, motivation and signs of recognition

Design a set of bespoke training materials and an accompanying facilitators guide, if required

Provide on-going support through Action Learning sets and 1-to-1 or group coaching sessions for staff involved

Create opportunities for celebration


Nurturing Female Talent:

Are you facing change or thinking it’s time for something different? I will work with you to prepare for this next step in your career, for the challenges you may face, not only in a new role, but in a new environment and ensure you succeed.

Delivered via 1 to 1 coaching or in a group setting

I will:

Support you to recognise what it takes to step out of your comfort zone.

Help you to get comfortable with the discomfort of change and provide strategies to help you make the most of it.

Enable you to move away from the flight, fright, fight response and instead build the courage to take the leap and thrive.


Leading Change:

Supporting business owners and team leaders to take themselves and others through change. I will help you to focus on your strengths, and what works well in your team to exceed what is expected.

I offer:

Support for business owners to create a shared vision of change that will inspire everyone to get involved, be responsible and take action

1 to 1 coaching for managers to empower them to support their teams through the change process and respond to challenges efficiently.

Group coaching for teams to develop their mindset and the tools to embrace and sustain change


Looking for an award winning speaker to inspire your female staff?

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