1-to-1 Coaching

Sometimes we all need a little help to get where we want to be. If you were lost in the street you’d look at a map or ask for directions. Finding your way in life is no different.

If your journey is taking you through change and uncertainty, coaching can help ensure you’re taking the right path and provide you with the tools and techniques to help you along the way.

The purpose of working 1-to-1 is to add a new depth of clarity to your situation. It provides a chance to reflect on what’s happening, and what you need to do differently or next. I will help you to come up with a personal vision and an action plan.

The sessions will be tailored specifically to your needs and offered at a time and place that suits you. This could be online or in person, in a room, or outside whilst walking. You choose…

Kathryn Eade Up+thrive

What will you gain?

A boost in confidence to engage with your new challenge.

Motivation and inspiration to establish your identity through a focused and objective approach

Enhanced awareness of your values, strengths and aspirations so you can turn your great ideas in to practical actions.

Undivided support from an experienced professional who understands the challenges and how to overcome them.

An opportunity to take control. To create a future that fulfils you and your potential.

‘Kathryn has supported me as I have developed my online business. She has helped me gain clarity on what my goals are, and provided tools and techniques to help me realise them. It’s great speaking to someone that has been on the same journey and really understands what I am going through’.

Karen Gee, founder and CEO of Cycle Sprog.

The coaching package: 

Each coaching session lasts 45 minutes, and takes place at a time to suit you.  After every session you will receive:  

Specific action steps  

Vision without action is just a dream. My philosophy is BIG ideas, start small, ACT NOW 

Relevant resources from my toolbox 

Websites, Books, TED talks, Podcasts, Tools, you name it, I have it somewhere! I do the research and share it with you, so you get information that’s relevant to you and moves you forward. 

A recap email after the session  

So all you need to focus on is sharing what’s on your mind. I will listen, capture your key ideas and send them to you, with my insights added. 

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