Why work together? The power of collaboration

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When I first set up Up+thrive I sat down and wrote a list of all the things I wanted my company to represent. I called it my thrive manifesto! At the top of that list was Collaboration and Co-creation

Why is collaboration important?

  1. More and better ideas

Collaboration allows us to tap into what Micheal Schrage calls the ‘communal brain’. It enables us to play to our strengths and bring out everyone’s best ideas. Different individuals bring different perspectives and it makes great business sense to have a wide range of people to call on.

2. A support network

Starting a business and working as an entrepreneur is a long, often lonely journey with many highs, but also some lows. Having people around you to bounce ideas off, pick you up when it's not going so well and keep you true to your vision, not only saves time, it makes the journey in my experience so much more enjoyable.

3. We achieve more

Collaboration results in ‘collective thinking’, which allows us to achieve better results. I’m one person in my business with a certain set of skills, but I’ve learnt that by joining up with others I can achieve so much more than I ever would alone. We really do achieve more when we work together.

My latest collaboration

I met Amanda on  the Cheshire and Warrington Business Growth programme and we made an instant connection. She was open to ideas, positive, purposeful, hard-working, down to earth and full of energy. She also shared my passion for supporting people to fulfil their potential. She was definitely someone I wanted in my tribe.

So here we are, Amanda and I, collaborating to bring the best our combined talents have to offer for the benefit of you.  My thoughts and tips on what it takes to build a business from the inside out developed over 15 years of running my own business and supporting others to start up and scale, and Amanda’s ability as a talented health and wellbeing copywriter to turn those ideas into insightful and compelling content to educate, inform and inspire.

We’ll share with you what it takes to achieve a successful mindset, one that inspires you to reach your goals in both your personal and professional life, whilst not compromising on your emotional wellbeing, so you achieve long term sustainable success.

We’ll be sharing these blogs via Linkedin with three clear headings to help you build your successful mindset; Know yourself, Lead yourself and Sustain yourself.

Give yourself 2 minutes to read them as they appear and give yourself time to reflect, to change, to thrive - and join in the discussion. We look forward to seeing you there!

Kathryn EadeUp+thrive